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State on Counterfeiting Operation of UMGG
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After nearly 20 years operation, Universal Marble & Granite Group (UMGG) has obtained recognition of wide customers and becomes the leading enterprise in stone industry, with its superior product quality and well-deserved reputation. Recently, it is discovered that there are lawless person using our company’s influence in the industry, counterfeiting the name and websites of our company, or illegally labeling as the sub company, production base of UMGG, or taking other ways, seriously violating the lawful rights and interests of UMGG by counterfeiting seals, certifications, contracts and bill of sales of UMGG to do illegal business. Regarding the illegal action of the above mentioned counterfeiting name, seals of UMGG and frauding others, the following declaration is made:

1. Branches of UMGG and their addresses are all stated in relevant pages of the official register website of UMGG, and any sales and operation by person in any other areas in the name of UMGG are counterfeiting and illegal behaviors.

2. The official website of UMGG is, and websites of its branches: Universal Curtain,, Universal Stone’s, Hande Any other website doesn’t belong to UMGG, and any similar website is faked. Please carefully identify.

3. Stone production base the sub company of UMGG is currently located in Dongguan of Guangdong province, Shuitou of Fujian province, Wuqing of Tianjin, Laizhou of Shandong province and Chengde of Hebei province. Any other so-called Universal Marble & Granite Group such as Hubei Universal Marble & Granite Group, Guangzhou Universal Marble & Granite Group, Yunfu Universal Marble & Granite Group and Sichuan Universal Marble & Granite Group, isn’t subordinated to UMGG.

4. UMGG is prosecuted for relevant person, enterprise’s criminal liability for carrying out sales and business by counterfeiting seal of sub company of UMGG, signing contracts in the name of UMGG.

5. Please customers carefully identify to avoid being deceived and suffering loss. If any need to identify company authenticity, verify the identity of sales personnel or of complaint report, please dial the service hotline of UMGG: 400-876-1986.