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Design, R&D is the most important link in system solution

UMGG set up Shenzhen Zhijing Creative Stone Decoration Design Co., Ltd in 2011. It is the first unit to offer decorative stone one-stop service. With joint development of Curtain Wall Company, technology department and R&D center, etc., it can provide full-range supporting design service including curtain wall design, decoration design, application design, and product design/development.

UMGG pays close attention to the development of core technology and invests 25 million RMB to build the first research and development building in stone industry. It is the first company awarded with the honorary title of “National High-Tech Enterprise”. It currently owns more than 40 professional R&D staff and makes cooperation alliance with academic institutions, such as Hunan University of Science and Engineering and South China University of Technology, and thus its technology research and development ability is at the forefront of the industry. Currently, company possesses 25 authorized patents for invention, 120 technical innovations, 8 software copyrights, participates into formulating or revising of 32 items of national or industry standards, thus being the enterprise that participates the most into standard revising in China. It is also the pioneer in the world for high difficulty processing technics, such as the circular column with shell parquet and three-dimensional special-shaped arch, which are all developed independently.

In 2013, UMGG invested to build the first creative industry center, which includes stone technology research and development center, stone user experience center and creative product department. It provides stone system solution for customer via strengthening service capability of stone decorative practical design and design support.